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​Foreign Market Pellets and Wood Chips:  

      Are you looking for product to go overseas?   We have been in the pellets business for many years and we understand how important strong relationship are when dealing with the foreign market place. There has to be the trust that the quality of the product will be guarantee every time, when you are that far away it is very hard for you to be sure that will happen. The first question you should have is why would I work with you instead of going directly to the mill, and that is an excellent question. There are many reason but the short answer is we can be your American partner and we can not only negotiate better pricing for you but we can also make sure the product will be ready to ship when they say it is and that the product meets your standards. We do not own a pellet mill we work together with many mills, once again that will work to your advantage because that gives us buying power for you. If we owned a mill we would be limited in what we could offer and the pricing would not be as flexible. Another reason to work with us is because we will have your best interest in mind at all time, we realize that if things are not going well for you, they will not be for us either. Keep in mind we have relationships with mills that we can use, but at the end of the day you are our client so we work with and for you. We will act as your feet on the ground here in the USA.

Bulk Material and Co- Burning for Power Plants

      As all the countries start to look for alternative means of power and heat, wood pellets comes up immediately in the conversation. The reason it does is because it is an amazing Biomass product. Many countries, for example the UK uses a large amount of wood pellets that are export from the USA because of the number of mills here. There are many studies that talk about different types of biomass and the studies seem to be leading toward the positive side of things. 

      We are able to supple you with several different options for bulk delivery, super sacs, 1 ton wooden bins, and 40ft containers of pellets. Everything depends on how you can best handle the pellets on arrival and that is the way we will deliver them to you.

Pellets for Oil Fields, Pellet Stoves, and Livestock Bedding:

      After decades of being a broker in the pellet  and livestock supply business  - handling the physical products-I have made many great friendships and business  contacts. 
During these years I have also participated in the BUSINESS SIDE of the pellet industry-the marketing - the  financing side- and  making new sales opportunities  in the USA and internationally. I would like to share this experience with you to grow your business .
If want  to increase your pellet sales- or  have plant expansion plans or discuss making  international sales-lets talk-
Look forward to discussing your pellet needs.
The Pellet Guy

      If you are interested in private labeling (40lb. individual bags) for either fuel pellets or livestock bedding we can set that up for you.
We can give you quotes from anywhere in the USA. We deal with mills all over the United States so the freight cost will stay down. When you talk to one of our sales reps they can give you pricing from start to finish. The pricing can include bulk pellets or bagged, we will even get you quotes for bag cost and full packaging. You just let us know how we can serve you.


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