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Our Services


We specialize in the sales and marketing of forest products. We have broad experience in creating solutions for the industry from product sales to logistical matters. That is our ONLY business”

 THE PELLET GUY over many years of timber industry service, has earned a solid reputation in the wood pellet sector for reliability, competence and service. 

With our industry competency, motivated executive management , long history in the marketing and sales of forest products, and domestic and international experience as well- we are here to create SOLUTIONS for your product sales and logistical matters, we are here to work hand in hand with the timber industry owner to expand and grow his business..


We provide many services for the domestic and international market. We can create new sales opportunities and distribution information.
We act as a Co-op so we are able to get the best pricing available for our clients. Your goals are to found out your needs and join you with the mill that can best take care of you.

Please contact us to discuss the vision you have for YOUR Timber business and how we can be of service.....